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DISCOVER the latest in manufacturing technology

At Sanjeev we believe that technology is the leading driver of growth, for the organization and for the individual. We provide you with opportunities to explore new technologies like robotics and while working alongside some of the finest minds in automotive manufacturing.

ENCOURAGING young talent

We believe that youth provides a fresh perspective that can catalyse innovation and transformation, and encourage young leaders young leaders who bring fresh knowledge and strategies into the organization. Over 75% of our talent is less than 40 years old, and finds our environment helps them to evolve and grow by supporting new ideas and innovation.

FREEDOM to explore knowledge

Our IDP (Individual Development Plan) helps identify the changing learning needs and high learning potential amongst our team. We help them build individual plans for Career growth and encourage them to explore and gain new knowledge with future roles and responsibilities in mind.

TRANSPARENCY flows both ways

We believe that true transparency flows both ways, bottom up AND top-down, in any successful organization. To enable this we provide each individual with avenues to raise concerns on serious matters regarding ethical values, probity and integrity or any violation of Sanjeev’s culture.

VALUES that you can be proud of

Sanjeev Auto has always believed in a strong adherence to good values even as we compete in the global market – honesty, integrity and dignity are never to be compromised. We commit to ensuring these values are reflected in each action of the organisation, and that our team can always take great pride in what we do together

SUPPORT to learn and grow together

Growth is important to each of us, and we strive for mutually beneficial growth by providing individuals and teams with the right support. We engage with each member of our teams to understand their aspirations for growth and help them prepare to achieve these within the direction of our organisation.

Current Openings at Sanjeev

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