Our Key Markets around the Globe

Sanjeev Group provides precision-engineered parts and components to leading global manufacturers across a variety of market segments with their own specific needs

Some of our key market segments


The automotive industry has long been one of the most important segments for Sanjeev Group, and one where we’ve probably made the maximum impact. We’ve not only achieved quality at an extremely high scale but also participated in the design and development of ground-breaking new products.


Agriculture is a primary sector for the global economy – we’ve manufactured components for a wide range of agricultural machinery (including tractors, power tillers and combine harvesters) for manufacturers like John Deere, Kubota and Mahindra.


The construction sector, which builds national infrastructure, is another key segment that we provide solutions for. Our high-performance, high reliability components are the preferred choice for various types of construction machinery including excavators, backhoes, loaders, compactors etc…


Our components have been widely adopted by manufacturers of hydraulic equipment which is utilised in turn by several key industries. These are commonly used in hydraulic pumps, transmissions, industrial clutches and brakes and power units which are specialised for sectors including construction.


The power sector, which produces generators, motors, switchgear and gensets has become another sector where our products are the preferred choice of several industry leaders. Our components find use in industrial machinery, power generation, and control equipment from majors like Kirloskar Power.


In addition to smaller automobiles, Sanjeev Auto has expanded into manufacture of components of heavy vehicles for the transport sector. Our strict quality control processes ensure that drive-train components are able to meet the high reliability requirements that are critical to this industry.