A product portfolio of

over 1,000 precision components & auto parts

Product Categories

Our precision machined gears, shafts, forks, transmission sub-assemblies feature in drive-trains of automobile, agricultural, construction, power generation, construction machinery-keeping the world moving smoothly mile after mile….


Our precision engineered sub assembly’s can be incorporated into your transmission system


Our gears are utilised by OEMs in transmissions, engine timing gears, final drive gears as well as starting mechanisms…


High strength shafts for light and heavy vehicles for various industries

Shifter Forks

We offer gear shift, fork mechanisms for automobiles, construction equipment and agricultural applications

Machined Forgings

High quality forged components with precision machining for automotive and non- automotive applications

Machined Castings

We produce high-precision machined castings including iron, aluminium, stainless- steel and investment castings-for various applications…